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Everybody into the Pool!!

Friends and family joined Pastor Jerry for the baptism of Samantha Miles.

Report from the Mission Team

In May of 2006, a group of 5 adults and 7 young people from DayStar traveled to Nicaragua for a life-changing encounter. Here are some of their reports.

Breaking Through the Walls
September 29, 2005
window This past Tuesday, DayStar took occupancy of the second unit at 75 Trolley Rd. Center. We now have close to 4,000 sq. ft. of space including a children's room, foyer, nursery, comfort facilities and auditorium. Plans are being made to sub-divide some of the spaces for class rooms and offices. We hope to eventually have the facility operating around the clock for prayer and the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry.
The next evening, a group converged in unit and attacked the wall between the two units with hammers and saws. The plan was to open a 64" door frame. In the wall of the newest unit, we found two 4' information boards. Behind the center board, we were amazed to find a intact 8x2 foot window. Then, we found two layers of sheet rock covering the window from the auditorium side.

All this is no problem for a man with a reciprocating saw. But when we looked at the frame of the 8' long window, it was clear that instead of a six foot door, it would be easier to open it to the full 8 feet. It seems that the Lord has opened our doors wider then we thought possible.
1st Day at 75 Trolley Road
September 11, 2005

Shouts of praise and thanksgiving filled the room as DayStar Church celebrated the 1st Sunday in their home base. Glad to be in our own place, not to mention our own chairs, the excitement of the gathered community was almost tangible. Sunshine poured through windows dressed in custom curtains designed, sown and installed by Brandie & Kevin Miles, like a reflection of the elation of the family as we sang of the wonderful works of our God.

Pastor Jerry served the Lord's supper, then taught on glorying in our weakness that the strength of Christ would be perfected in us (2 Cor. 12:7-9). He emphasized the absolute importance of recognizing our daily dependence on the Lord each day in every area of our lives.

It was evident how comfortable and at home the people felt in that after the meeting was over, many lingered and fellowshipped together as some many have been unable to do since we gave up the "Old Grocery Store". It was announced that the weekly Intercessory Prayer Meetings, which for so many years have been a spiritual base point in the community, and the meeting of the Youth Group would begin in the room.

We have been notified by the building owner that unit 6 has been vacated and will be available to us October 1st. When all done, this unit will provide room for a separate Children's Church, Nursery and a Foyer / Fellowship Room along with another washroom.

- dm -

"We Have a New Home!!!"
August 30, 2005

Pastor Jerry Ashley announced Sunday that DayStar has a new home! A lease was signed today for two units in 75 Old Trolley Rd. Center. Built in 1980 as a garage, the business center has hosted several businesses and offices including food service, entertainment, church congregations and various shops. Today, other active tenants include a hair stylist, a bakery, an insurance agency, an jeweler and a surf shop. And the location, across Trolley Rd. from the Summerville Branch of the Dorchester County Library & near the intersections of Bacon's Bridge Rd. and the Berlin G. Myers Parkway with Old Trolley, makes it convenient, easily accessible and highly visible.

The main unit, #7, has 2,000 square feet of floor space. Most recently home to a consignment shop, it once housed The Coffee Cup video poker room until the legislature of South Carolina banned the games in October of 1999, the same year the present owners purchased the property. The unit has been extensively renovated to be usable and more may changes may be desired over time to help us in our mission. However, because of the portability we have developed, we will be able to make full use of it as soon as we move in. The large open area will serve as the main gathering space with 1 wash room and an office set apart in the rear corners. A large garage type door now borders what will be the front of the auditorium and floor to ceiling windows illuminate the carpeted area of the floor.

The second unit, #6, is home to a baker. The proprietor of the business feels that the 1,450 sq. ft. unit is too large for their needs. In the same complex, a smaller unit becomes vacant soon. So, that tenant will take possession of the smaller space, leaving #6 available by Oct. 1. Besides what is visible from the front door, the unit has a service kitchen with generous counter space, a wash room and has a huge additional room presently fitted as the principle bakery kitchen.

With the signing of this lease, we look forward to ending our time in Rollings Middle School. We appreciate the administration of Rollings and Dorchester School District 2 for renting us the space during the 5 months we have used it. However, there are few who will miss the small, hard seats, the narrow rows or the weekly load-in and out. It will be good to have a place to call our own and to see our own nice padded chairs again.

We also look forward to a facility that we can fully use. This space opens the possibility of a regular meeting place for the Youth, Harp & Bowl prayer times, regular meetings for the Women of DayStar and other community opportunities that the lack of a fixed base of operations has made difficult. In our previous location, we had committed to another fellowship to use the building at least twice a week, requiring that we remove both equipment and ourselves and making a sense of permanence challenging.

Although, the official date of occupancy will be October 1st, there is the possibility that we may be able to begin meeting at 75 Trolley Rd. Center sooner. Please, keep watching this site for developments as they occur.
- dm -
Melvenia Busby Joins DayStar Staff
August 28, 2005

The appointment of Melvenia Busby was announced today during the Sunday meeting of the church. Pastor Jerry was joined by the present pastoral staff and church elder Bill Bridges as he laid hands on Melvenia, acknowledging the Lord's blessing on her ministry.

An ordained minister coming into DayStar, Melvenia has been part of the community core and served as an intercessor and teacher. Her relationship with Jerry and Paula extends thorough several years and there are few among us who haven't felt the impact of her anointing and service. She will continue her work teaching public school in the Dorchester Schools District 2.

We are excited to join with Melvenia as she continues her ministry with us as a key team member in the area of Pastoral Ministries.
- dm -
DayStar Youth Plan Mission Trip
August 28, 2005

Children and Youth Pastor Shelana Corrigan told the gathered community today of plans for a missions trip for DayStar's youth group. In cooperation with Gideon's Cry, Shannon McCrea has invited the youth to join her for a service mission to Nicaragua in May 2006. Anyone involved in DayStar's youth ministry, from 6th grade and up is welcome to  participate.

For more information, contact Shelana Corrigan.
- dm -
Looking Forward to a Fall Conference with Al Houghton
August 22, 2005

Pastor Jerry Ashley has announced that plans are under way for a fall conference with Al Houghton. This will be the first series of special meetings in our new facility at 75 Old Trolley Rd.  Mark the dates of November 18-20th. And please, pray with us for the Lord's perfect plan and provision for these exciting meetings.
Last meeting at Richardson; First Sunday at Rollings
April 2, 2005

One chapter closed and another began when DayStar said good-bye to their home of over 4 years next to Town Hall in downtown Summerville and celebrated the first meeting in the auditorium of Rollings Middle School.

Saturday, April 23rd the ladies of DayStar hosted a huge yard sale to down size equipment and the general "stuff" a congregation collects when they have a set location. Customers sifted through well used couches, tables, chairs, file cabinets, toys and a wide assortment of building supplies.  When the morning ended, we had liquidated a major part of what were now excess assets.

The membership of Cosecha Latina, Centro de Adoracion, a Hispanic congregation that has shared DayStar's facilities for the past 6 years, dropped in to serve us an incredible spread of Central American cuisine after our last meeting in the leased building on Richardson Ave.  Pastor Mario prayed a passionate prayer of thanks & blessing and we fellowshipped together until we were close to requiring repentance.

Then, Monday night many of their congregation joined ours to move desks, chairs and equipment into storage. Because of their help and Ed Corrigan's and Jay Hutto's trucks and trailers, with just a few trips the work was done. Pastor Jerry and Dan will set up offices in their homes for their daily work. Thursday was the day that Jerry walked across the street to the offices of the new owners of the building, the Town of Summerville and handed over the keys, closing the front door for the last time.

Sunday morning, set up crews arrived early to prepare for our first Sunday on the road. We felt a little like nomads, but the Lord visited in a special way during worship and into the preaching of the word.  Pastor Jerry began a new study on "The Kingdom of Heaven, The Kingdom of God".

After the sermon, a group of students from MorningStar School of Ministry in Charlotte, NC including our own Adam Parks offered prophetic words for the church corporate and individually.
3 New Home Groups Begin
April 2, 2005

Eddie and Shalana Corrigan have hosted fellowship group in their home two times a month for the past four years. Now, they will have help as three new home groups have been announced.

Jer and Karen DeLoach will host a group beginning on Wednesday May 4th and meeting alternating weeks there after in their home on White Church Ln. Karen writes, "The main thing will be Worship, Fellowship and Food and Prayer ... This is a child friendly home (everything has been broken at least once), so bring the entire family." The DeLoach's are known for their hospitality, not to mention the quality of cuisine in their home.

Saturday April 30th was the first meeting of a home group specifically focused on the needs of Singles. Cheryl Houser and Rhonda Hill were delighted with their first monthly meeting. The group will be studying the book "Song of Solomon" based on the research and writings of Mike Bickle of Friends of the Bridegroom Ministries in Kansas City, MO.

And, Mike and Linda Resler announced Sunday the launch of a group in their home.  Meeting the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month in their home at 411 Barfield Drive in Summerville. Linda says this group will enjoy fellowship, study, praise & worship.  No childcare is provided, so this will be a group for adults or families with older children.

With the recent move from a "fixed base" to "portable" church, home groups are an opportunity for those who identify with DayStar to build and reinforce the relationships so critical to a healthy local church.  We encourage everyone to make use of any or all of the groups as often as possible.


DayStar Launches New Website
March 1, 2005

DayStar's newly renovated site has been launched. New features include an active online calendar, provision for community interaction, online maps and dynamic web links to get specific instructions to meeting locations.

We hope that the family and friends of DayStar use the site to make contact and share prayer requests and praise reports, as well as to spread the word about what God is doing at DayStar and the Good News about Jesus. Those who want to know more about our fellowship can look in at their convenience to learn what ministries are active among us, be introduced to the leadership team, ask questions and look for answers.

One of the most exciting possibilities is the DayStar Community email List on the Koinonia page. Once signed up, members can communicate and reply in an on-going open discussion on whatever topics are on their hearts. Also, on this page will be the portal to expressions of worship in the visual and linguistic arts; poetry, prose and graphics from among our own family.

As the fellowship begins to use the site, changes will be made to streamline it, provide more & more useful information and dress up its appearance.

As we move into the next chapter of our mission to Summerville, as a portable church without an address to be our rallying place in the greater community, the use of online services offers excellent opportunities for us to spur one another on to good works in Christ Jesus, and powerful tools to reach out to our mission field in Summerville, the Charleston area and beyond.

Moving Day is Announced
Feb 13, 2005

Pastor Jerry Ashley announced in this week DayStar's new meeting place. Beginning Sunday May 1, 2005, the auditorium of Rollings Middle School of the Arts at 815 S. Main St in Summerville. The move  marks the end of four and a half years in the leased building at 100 W. Richardson Ave. When our original lease was over in August of 2004, we exercised the option to renew for another year. Then, when the city of Summerville bought the property in December, we began to think it might be time to go ahead and move forward instead of waiting for the inevitable deadline. We approached the city and, since they wanted to proceed with their plans as soon as they could, they released us from the remainder of our lease.

Although, becoming a 'portable' church brings it's own new challenges, making the move early is expected to significantly reduce the monthly overhead, releasing finances for planned development. The search is under way to find office space. We hope to find something with enough room that we can have small group meetings and rehearsals during the week.

The Wednesday night schedule will change from the regular weekly meetings to Home groups. Plans are to continue the first Wednesday of the month 'Harp & Bowl' gatherings as well as the Monday night Intercessory Prayer Meeting.

DayStar Ladies Breakaway
Jan. 21-22, 2005

Forty women of God met at the Crossroads Retreat on Medicine Wind Farm for an weekend of fellowship, worship and ministry. Dr. Jennifer Clark of Full Stature Ministries in Charlotte, NC spoke on "Simple Emotional Healing", teaching the group how to minister in the Spirit and not in the flesh to themselves and others.

Afterward, she and her companion, Vicky, ministered for 2 hours over each of the women there. Afterward, many of the ladies took advantage the opportunity to fellowship together into the morning. Margie Sutton and Tracy Norris led fervent worship at both meetings. Women's coordinator Cheryl Houser reports that "Everyone received ministry and everyone was blessed." By all accounts, the ladies are looking forward to their next chance to get away together.